The Grass Canvas

We have so many great parks and playgrounds by our house. One of my favorite things in the summertime is to take the kids to the park after dinner. It’s still sunny, but the weather has cooled off a bit, and we can run and play and get our energy out before bedtime. No better recipe for our psychomotor intensities.

One thing I’ve had to get used to is that we are not going to the playground. When my kids were little, I pictured myself in a few years among the parents with slightly older kids, talking and sipping on my Starbucks latte, while my children ran around the playground with other children. A few years later has come, but the wonderful, well-thought out, primary-colored playground with all kinds of ‘cool stuff’ is not interesting to my children in the slightest. Even the woodchips aren’t enticing. They race out of the car, sail past the playground, and make a run for the grassy areas. I also used to think they wanted to play soocer or football, so I would haul some balls along with us. Silly mom.

My kids apparently view the large expanse of grass like a blank green canvas for their imaginary life. They want to make up elaborate games with even more elaborate rules, examine blades of grass or shapes of clouds, and talk – literally- constantly to one another the entire time. All at once.  The process takes some getting used to. I had a healthy imagination as a child, but I was a very quiet kid.  So while the talking and imagining together is a little foreign to me, I love to see them lost in their own worlds for hours at a time. When they are running around the grass in the setting sun, talking and arguing and discussing everything, it makes me truly happy to be their mom.

I still look over from time to time at the crowd of parents with the lattes and smile. I should have known then that things would be different for us in a wonderfully surprising way.

And I can’t say I miss the woodchips.

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  1. Posted by thesweetpeas on July 28, 2012 at 6:03 am

    Oh no! Mine are 3.5 and 1.5 and I was still holding on to the latte dream! I guess it is better to just be prepared instead of surprised by it and getting cranky in my selfishness. Just found your blog and am really being soothed by it. Thank you for sharing your lives!


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